The Freedom of Digital Art

“Today any description of the practice of art that refuses to make room for the technological is lacking.” – Michael Rush

In his book New Media in Art, Michael Rush describes the ever evolving relationship between art and technology.  Once a taboo art medium because of how easy it was to reproduce, digital media now touches almost every art form out there.

images            images-1

Here we see a painting made with Adobe Illustrator and a painting made with real paint on a canvas


What I found interesting in chapter 4 of the book, titled “The Digital in Art”, was the discussion about how a subject that was once shamed by the art world is now creating so many more possibilities for up and coming artists.  Curator George Fifield says that the digital age is creating “image-making freedom never before imagined”.


In my own personal experiences I can attest to this.  When working on a computer I feel much less tentative to express my thoughts on canvas.  This is partially because I know that if I don’t like something I can edit it with ease.  It’s less restricting in a sense and puts a lot less pressure on me as an artist to get it right.  Sometimes in traditional mediums such as painting, it’s hard to get over the fact that every brush stroke counts and can alter the painting significantly.  Michael Rush addresses this and similar discussions well in his book and I suggest you give it a read.

The full book can be found here


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