25 Internet Artists You Need to Know


Take a look at what these artists are doing!


3 thoughts on “25 Internet Artists You Need to Know

  1. I thought the twitter morse code was pretty ingenious, and while I found the other work amusing (particularly the photoshopped Kim Jong Un picture), a lot of it didn’t really impress me for a lack of better words. It wasn’t bad, but a lot of it I have already seen created by other people all over the internet with famous memes, silly photographs, and what not. Yet, they don’t try to claim themselves as artists, they just make something ridiculous and put it out there for others to see. I mean if some girl is getting noticed for taking a low resolution selfie with her webcam and adding some tacky effect, then why aren’t millions of other people who do that daily getting noticed as well?

  2. I definitely found some of these to be pretty interesting and unique. I could tell that most of these artists tried to make their viewer view a current issue or stereotype from a strange and somewhat unexpected point of view. The aspect of the modernism in some of these pieces caught my eye and at the same time made me question their technique processes and thoughts during the making. Peter Stemmler’s work definitely caught my attention by the fact that he mixed two different subjects which in some way fall under completely different side of the spectrum. For example, the mash of Munch’s screamer and Spongebob’s Patrick screaming himself. It gives me a sense of what is current and popular now, or our values, so to speak, while juxtaposing something of a completely different time or culture value.

  3. James Huang

    I think these are all really interesting! I think it is really interesting how artists can go through different perspectives. I feel like many people tend to group artists together and I feel it is important to show that in art, as long as there is imagination, creativity, and hard work, an artist can make interesting works of art that pique people’s interest. In particular, I liked seeing Penelope Umbrico and Tabor Robak. I think both of their art is really cool. I liked seeing Penelope work with screens and assemble them into grids. I also liked seeing Tabor Robak and seeing the different environments he created that I feel have a lot of mystery behind them too. Overall I think all of them are really cool and everyone should look at these works of art!

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