10 Questions with Matthew Woodson


“My teacher said to me ‘You know, you don’t have to draw EVERYthing.” I thought to myself, “Then what is the point of drawing any of it in the first place?’”

I have been an admirer of Chicago digital illustrator Matthew Woodson’s published work and art for some time now and found this interview really informative. In the quote above he addresses his meticulous attention to detail. He makes a compelling point. Why bother with something that isn’t fully realized? Woodson’s work consistently exemplifies his detail- and composition-oriented style. His subjects vary greatly but the pieces are unified by the color palette and signature style of line-work. Furthermore I am fascinated by the work because it comes from a very obvious mastery of drawing. Woodson draws entirely in Illustrator, something I attempt to do as well. To read about his experience in school and his early inspirations really added to my appreciation.

Woodson specifically addresses “how artists use the internet and digital media,” and he describes the two-sided effects of social media. In his experience, computers can make art ubiquitous in an instant, giving more opportunities than ever before. He also warns that it opens doors for rip-offs more than ever before as well. The easier it is to access something, the easier it is to steal, Woodson seems to imply. He even adds that he would rather live in 1942 and simply ignore the existence of the internet if he could. So I can conclude that, as with every technological development, the internet is a tool for digital media that should, and better yet must, be used wisely and cautiously.

Joshua Gluck


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