Photoshop Transformation

Hi Everyone!

Here’s a video that went viral a few months back and is actually something I’ve previously shared on my own Facebook page. If you copy this link , you will watch a transformation of an average girl into a highly attractive model that is created with the help of photoshop. This video relates to how digital media influences our lives because with all the tools and technologies we have, artists are able to create an unrealistic image of what someone should look like. The reason why our society sets such high standards for what is considered ‘beauty’ is because were constantly surrounded by images that are altered so much to the point of perfection.

Also, I wanted to post my response to a video about social media and gender that was posted because I don’t think I properly responded under the actual video.

I found this video very interesting because the woman talking pointed out things that I had never thought about before. What struck my attention was when she mentioned that the media really does not cater to the 54 and older age category. I’ve also seen a lot of negative articles, and heard negative opinions on social media, but this video held a different more ‘positive’ view on social networks. It says that social media actually helps us escape our demographic categories by allowing us to connect with people of similar interests, not just those directly around us. I also never thought about the fact that women dominate social media, which does make sense because I believe women are more easily influenced. With that being said, in years down the road, women may have a larger roll in our society than they do today (being hired to direct magazine shoots, or movies, etc)


3 thoughts on “Photoshop Transformation

  1. The video on the photoshopped model was very eye opening for me. I had never seen that happen in a clip so quickly and dramatically. I think that it sets unrealistic standards for young women. In today’s society, we use social media every single day and the use of some particular apps such as Instagram and Twitter sometimes fuels the need for some young women to look their best in their pictures. When the use of filters became a trend, everything on my newsfeed became a little less realistic. It was no longer girls trying to look better on Instagram in order to get more likes. Now it has reached a point where taking a picture of something naturally beautiful, such as the sky, has to be completely altered to look more blue and even more gorgeous than what it really is. We no longer can appreciate a “normal” or unedited picture.

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