What Did Digital Media Pros Do On Summer Vacation? Business, Of Course!

Hi everyone! It’s me James Huang!

I think this is a really interesting article that everyone should read. This article is written by Rob Rasko of The 614 Group and he is a thought leader in the digital marketing industry. You can read more by clicking here:


When I read this article, I first thought about how he talked about people who work in advertising. I thought about how this shows one of many identities of digital media. I thought about the questions that we should try to answer in our posts and I think reading this article has helped me think of some meaningful answers I want to provide.

I think this article shows that one of the identities of Digital Media is pictures, music/audio, and videos that are created, edited by programs such as Photoshop, After Effects, others to persuade people to do something such as buy a certain product or do a certain action. Essentially, this is the process of advertising and I feel this article shows how digital media is very much linked with advertising. That being said, I also feel it does influence our lives a lot. We are often bombarded with so many pictures, videos, and music/audio that want us to do certain things. This article also shows how us as consumers can either be positively affected this or negatively affected by this as well.

This also shows how there are artists out there who use the Internet and digital media to target certain audiences and try their best to convince or persuade people to do something. I am also taking a Communications course about Persuasion so I feel this ties into it. The artists who use Internet and digital media, at least in this article, are artists who are thought leaders and try to be creative in sending a message to people and try to achieve certain goals, in particular trying to get people to buy a product.



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