A New Visual World For Gaming

Video games are always improving with graphics and new interactive qualities.  Now, virtual headsets are coming out, allowing their users to be more involved in their game.  The Oculus Rift is a headset new to the market, that has been said to transform your gaming experience.  I have heard various things about the realistic qualities it has, but I was intrigued when I saw gizmodo wrote a piece about a virtual flying experience. 


While these sets may look a little ridiculous, I think it would be cool to try this virtual flying contraption…who wouldn’t want to fly?!


Whether the Oculus Rift may be a bit excessive in terms of gaming equipment, I still think it will be interesting to experience.  What would you want to see in your Oculus Rift goggles?  



2 thoughts on “A New Visual World For Gaming

  1. I’ve seen pictures of the head gear alone and always wondered what it was about so it’s great to finally read what it’s all about. I would absolutely love to try Birdly out and think it would be fantastic for integrating into future video games. My first thought to be honest was to revive flappy birds through this and possibly revamp it to be a bit more intense. Although I doubt people with phobias or who are anxiety prone would be able to appreciate this system because I feel even I would get a little scared, but there are plenty out there who would possibly enjoy using this as a gaming platform. Of course that might be getting ahead of myself since it most likely wouldn’t be afforable for the average person. I’d like to see how this develops over time.

    Alison Cousens

  2. Oh man, can I just say how exciting this looks/sounds. I mean, it doesn’t actually look that cool when you’re strapped into it but I live for realistic virtual reality things likes this. It’s really reminiscent of that ride Soarin’ down in Disney World. And maybe a bit more like those 3D rides at Universal Studio’s. And even though I’m not a fan of heights I would definitely jump at the chance to try this thing out. Maybe instead of flying over San Francisco they could outfit it to fly over some fictional settings, like Middle Earth or Tamriel. That would be amazing.

    Olivia G

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