Artists’ Work Rises From the Destruction

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So like many of you I have been constantly listening to the news and what is impacting our society at the moment. One of the biggest conflicts happening in the world is the Israel and Gaza Conflict. (part of the wider Israeli and Palestinian conflict.) If you don’t know what the Israel and Gaza Conflict here is Everything You Need to Know About The Conflict.

I constantly read the New York Times and I came a across an Art & Design article about an artist named Belal Khaled. Belal is a young artist who studied photojournalism, painting, and interior design. He dropped out of college to take a job at Anadolu, a Turkish news agency. He is one of many artist that has experienced and lived in war like situations. As artist we see things completely different than most ordinary people, and artist like Belal are inspired by war to create art pieces with messages. Belal takes photographs when bombs hit the Gaza strip and then goes into photoshop to refine the photo. He sees shapes within the smoke that form from the bombs, then he creates artworks of animals, faces, and more.Angel


These artist are many of few living in the Gaza strip, and even more severe that they are artist living in war like conditions. Supplies are scarce and expensive, yet they continue to do what they love to do. Their works show what they have to deal with on a daily basis. It influences them to show what really is reality. “Many of these drawings are related to our reality,” said the artist Basel Elmaqosui. If you guys want to see some of Basel’s work he has his Facebook open for people to see his Digital work. Click Here  

To see Belal Khaled’s work. Click Here

To read the New York Times article “Artists’ Work Rises From the Destruction of the Israel-Gaza Conflict” Click Here







3 thoughts on “Artists’ Work Rises From the Destruction

  1. Art truly starts to transcend its station when it comes from a place of such turmoil as this. Politics, religion, society, humanity…nothing makes sense in this conflict but it goes on everyday for years now. To even think that there are people there making art from the disaster begs belief. Whats more, their work both informs and illustrates their situation. None of us in America could comprehend living like these people do, and experiencing art like this forces us to look beyond ourselves and toward our fellow man. Something so simple as drawing horses onto a photo suddenly sparks a rush of symbolism and drama. It is nearly as unexpected and shocking as the image itself, making the art multi-dimensional. We are seeing the destruction of a society coupled with symbols of art and peace. It really is a profound expression.

  2. This is a very interesting concept, to bring beauty out of such tragic pictures. It really shows what you can do with art today. When I saw this it automatically made me think of watching clouds and trying to pick out images I could recognize. Although these clouds of smoke have a lot more meaning behind them. The fact that people can and do try so hard to still have the opportunity to make art in such bad times shows how much they love there passion. Really good art is made because of the message you want to try and get the viewers to think about as well as you wanting to make it. This really shows that.

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