Taking camera phones to the next level

As I’m sure many of you have noticed, particularly being artists, is that smart phones have come out with apps that make it possible to take and edit professional-quality photos or videos, all in the palm of our hands. While I was browsing Buzzfeed as I often do, I learned that 3 days ago Instagram announced its first external application the company has released, called Hyperlapse, available in the app store (seen below is the logo)


What this app essentially does is it takes the camera stabilizing and tracking powers available to a movie studio and crams it into an iPhone, utilizing the built-in gyroscope. This app not only makes photographic technology more accessible and easy to use and understand how to use, but also shows how far technology and digital media has come in the past few short years. This app, as well as other photo and video apps, have revolutionized the way we use smart phones not only in our everyday, personal lives but also in our artistic lives. Instead of buying computer software or video software that could cost hundreds of dollars, maybe more, we have a free app at our disposal that is easier to use, and may with time be able to accomplish the same effects as those found in a movie studio. For me, it’s amazing I have gotten to grow up in an age where I actively remember technology such as this coming into concept, being executed, and watching it evolve, and wondering what is going to come next.

To read the article, and see examples of the time lapse videos, go here: http://www.buzzfeed.com/johanabhuiyan/instagrams-new-app-lets-users-create-studio-like-time-lapse#1syft1g

Original article found on the Buzzfeed.com site, authored by Johana Bhuiyan.


2 thoughts on “Taking camera phones to the next level

  1. This feature seems awesome! I posted a similar blog that showed different tips on how to create professional photography effects using our iPhones. It’s crazy how quickly technology is advancing and I’m excited to try this time lapse effect once it is released.

  2. I love instagram. I love how easy it is to manipulate photos you have taken and it produces beautiful photos as well. I think it is very interesting that they are coming out with a new app to manipulate photos further. It is also impressive that technology has become so advanced and beautiful pictures can be created on something as small and basic as a smart phone. It is an interesting age for technology, because as the author stated, we are witnessing technology develop. New programs are being created and we get to experience them for the first time as well as see how they continue to be advanced.

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