Digital Media

Who know’s what digital media is? There is so much that computers and the internet can do and so much that a person can do with them that digital media is infinite.

Digital media influences our lives everyday. Every time you look at some sort of electronic throughout the day, you are witnessing digital media. Digital media can be used to persuade people to purchase something, to do something, to see something. According to this post, the use of digital media influences politics and because of texting a protest of about a million people was able to be assembled in a few days.

Digital media used as an art form is actually halping to preserve art. Keeping a painting from decaying is much more difficult than maintaining digitally created art, as stated in this article. Artists are taking advantage of this new ageless art by creating internet media and creating art digitally, thus allowing it to be accessed by more people.

If you are interested in finding digital media artists, you should visit Behance, a website which displays incredible digital media. Artists are able to work with digital media in order to produce current and ontopic works of art available for people to see through the internet. One artist, Cristiano Siqueira, created a beautiful image during the World Cup which I like because it used modern technology to be created and was relevant to the current events.

Digital media is around us everyday.


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By: Molly Nichols


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