7 Smart Tips for our Smartphones

Everyone around us has a smartphone

Last year I took a basic photography course for one of my general education credits. I still remember the professor of the course talking to us one class about the power of our smartphones. In just a few years down the road, with the way technology is advancing, the phones that we hold in our back pocket will be able to shoot images with better quality and effects than the professional cameras that people own today. There is never a moment in time where I hesitate to pull out my iPhone and capture something that interests me. While searching the web I found a video onBuzzfeed that demonstrates ‘Seven Smartphone Photography Tips.’ The tips demonstrated show how we can create different sequence shots and lens effects with our phones by using things as basic as water and cups! This video was very cool to watch and I recommend everyone checks it out and tries some of the featured ideas.  link

Hope everyone enjoys! -Carolyn


3 thoughts on “7 Smart Tips for our Smartphones

  1. Thanks for sharing this video! I’ve been into photography for a decent amount of time and never really got into shooting with my phone. These are tricks that not many people really think about when they go to snap a picture, but after seeing all these different effects it looks like there are some really neat and creative ways to take some cool shots! I’m definitely going to have to go out and try some of these today to see how they work, and maybe I’ll even get something that I can share.

  2. I really enjoyed watching the video because I did not know there were so many creative ways to enhance my smartphone photographs. I think it is really cool what people can do these days with a device that is so small. Not too many people walk around with cameras anymore so knowing tips and tricks like these are very useful! I know for a fact that I will now get a friend to do the panoramic sequence with me so I can show up more than once in the picture. I am definitely a fan of seeing the world in different perspectives and tricks like these help out a lot.

  3. Great post! Thank you for sharing it. I have always been into photography and I love taking pictures when I travel but i always hated carrying my dslr around. Recently, i ditched my camera and started using my phone to take pictures. The tricks in this video are extremely helpful for someone who highly depends on their smartphone for taking pictures. The macro lens tip is my favorite and I am definitely going to try it.

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