Rodeo FX wins Emmy for Game of Thrones for visual effects


Hey it’s Sara,

I’m a HUGE fan of Game of Thrones and I found this post showing the amazing team behind the visual effects behind the show, Rodeo Fx. It’s amazing how much work they put into the scenery in order to make it look so realistic. There is so many layers to the visual process in order to make breathtaking landscapes. This really shows that some parts of digital media require a huge team effort to pull off such effects and these guys really deserved to win an Emmy.

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4 thoughts on “Rodeo FX wins Emmy for Game of Thrones for visual effects

  1. First of all, I love this post for being about Game of Thrones because I’m also a big fan of the show. I always knew they put in so much effort with casting, film location, and overall staying true to the books in every aspect, but I didn’t realize how much digital art was involved. If possible, this makes me appreciate the show so much more. I loved this video in general for showing the before and after effect of the various layers to add in the backgrounds and design elements. Everything from groups of people, to architecture, and character appearances has been impacted heavily by digital art, and it was really interesting to see.

  2. I’ve always been impressed with the visual effects that we see in movies these days. The CGI becomes more and more convincing to the point where I sometimes cannot distinguish between what has been generated from a computer and what is actually real. Normally this kind of advanced digital effect is saved for the big screens, however the producers of the TV series Game of Thrones do not skimp when it comes to digital effects. When I try to explain the concept of the show to someone, they think it is ridiculous considering there are dragons and sword fighting. However, the quality of computer generated images is unbelievable, it makes the plot of the show seem plausible.

  3. I was absolutely enraptured by this video! It is incredible how these artists can take a landscape and turn it into an entirely different location, specifically with Meereen and the other cities. I have always appreciated films that use minimal CGI, but the sheer spectacle of Game of Thrones relies so heavily on scenery that it would be impossible to film without it. Through the work of these incredibly talented artists the world really comes to life on the screen. It is a crying shame how few Emmy’s the show has won. The effects alone are of a level never before seen on television, and that is a fact. I think it is telling of our societal opinion toward the digital arts and how much we respect (or not) “production value.”

  4. I absolutely love Game of Thrones and have always wondered to what extent producers edited the filming and special effects. This video is insane and I am still completely mind blown to how much one can alter a moving picture so well. It is amazing to think about how long a few frames take to edit, let alone a whole episode or especially a whole season. Videos like these only make me appreciate the effort producers go through to get such an amazing result and I hope to see it behind the scenes in person one day.

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