Simple Yet Powerful New Logo For The World Trade Center

As a student studying the art of graphic design, I understand how important logo design is. A logo becomes an identity; one that could most definitely be the “make or break” point for a business, studio, or company.

Logos—if intended to be successful—should be memorable, which means that they should be as simple as possible while still holding great meaning and significance for the company or business it is representing. After many classes with Mark and Edvin, I’ve been exposed to many logo and branding projects. I’ve seen and studied many logos and brands, both successful and unsuccessful.

I found this article on the blog The Exaltation. I personally think that they could not have done a better job on the logo. The amount of meaning within this simple and raw graphic blows my mind.

So, my question to you is simply—What do you think?

The World Trade Center will always be an emotional and powerful part of our history, and I believe it’s logo should do it justice. What’s your opinion? Does this stand out to you as a promising brand for something we all hold so close to our hearts?


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