Melissa Broder is Redefining the Art of Twitter

Original post here, by Gina Vaynshteyn.

Since I joined Twitter last year for a class at UConn, I have alternatively been confused, charmed and completely turned off  to it as a social media platform.  It has probably come to be my favorite of them all, currently, and I believe it’s because as someone who loves words but has the attention span of someone of our digital generation I love the challenge of trying to squeeze something clever, pithy, attention-grabbing, or sometimes just a desperate shout into the void into 140 characters.

I had been thinking of the way social media sites like Twitter might impact the expression of art like poetry and literature when I came across this blog post.  Melissa Broder, is a poet experimenting in just such that.  She has published collections of poetry in print and now, according to the original post, is Twitter as a creative outlet for poetry.  She takes it so seriously she even has an editor for her Tweet poems.

Here are some examples:

For one I think this is awesome, because I love that this new format is challenging her as a poet (in the way a sonnet, haiku form might), and I also love how she is engaging with the language of Twitter, i.e. the lack of capitals, use of “u” and other abbreviations.

However, it does make one wonder where a Tweet moves from an average 140-character thought to a piece of art? Is that possible to judge or measure? Or can anyone with a Twitter now consider themselves a part time digital poet?

You can check out Melissa’s Twitter here, and consider for yourself.


~Katie Loughrey


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