Social Media Is Turning Kids Into Zombies (Almost)

I stumbled upon this article while searching Digital Media news and decided that it would be a good one to share. Kids of our age have grown up with some technology, but not to the scale that younger kids have it now. And this short experiment really shows how it can effect someone growing up. It was shown that these kids have less developed social skills, because they are continually focusing on small digital screens, and not the environment around them. Some parents see this as helpful because they can just give   their kid an iPad and have them stop throwing tantrums, but I see this as a growing issue. These young kids won’t be able to talk to others normally soon, feeling uncomfortable around strangers, because they never learned how to act around them, only through text or what not. So I think that this article is important because we should try and show the younger generations that not everything revolves around technology and they should get outside and enjoy it more.

Does anybody else agree that technology is doing younger kids harm, or do you think that it’s a good habit for them to learn?

-Cody Oliver

Link is here:


One thought on “Social Media Is Turning Kids Into Zombies (Almost)

  1. What most schools don’t notice around kids is how much this can impact the future of our generations. I worked at a camp for kids and all of them said they had their own computer or ipad to use. Some of them even mentioned they were using them in school for learning. I remember back in the day when we learned through our imagination during recess to come up with cool games and adventures with the other kids. It was a miracle if we were chosen to go to the computer lab to LEARN how to type and play learning games. These kids today are losing the connection with reality and breaking their creative imaginations.

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