Design of Everyday Things

Hey it’s Akshita

Design is an important aspect of our daily lives and it is meant to make our lives simpler. Engineers and Designers work together to make simple and intuitive designs for their users. However, artist Katrina Kamprani creates frustrating versions of everyday products to evoke feelings of discomfort.

Here’s the link to the original blog .

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One thought on “Design of Everyday Things

  1. I remember seeing this blog post a while ago and thinking: why did I torture myself scrolling through these? By the time I got to the cooking pot, I was incredibly irritated (especially coming from a full-blooded Italian family—I can’t even imagine trying to make pasta sauce in that thing). However, I was extremely curious as well; how in the world could something so obviously explored for the sake of creating entertaining parodies on objects evoke such a horrible feeling in the viewers?

    It’s so interesting to me that when we look at everyday products, we can’t help but imagine ourselves interacting with them. I’m really excited that this artist decided to test that instinct in us. Perhaps it will bring more insight on the psychological response we have to looking at photographs, or art in general. Awesome post!

    —Mary Rose Fiondella

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