Amanda’s Feed map


Whether you call it a news feed, or a timeline (Hey, Twitter), a news feed is updated constantly with everyone’s daily ongoings, posts, status updates, tweets, complaining, ignorance, and news. A news feed feeds you news (aptly named); in real time however, feed means to eat, or give food to another. So yes, for my generous act I am going to feed a stranger..which may be a bit awkward for them, but hey it’s art. 

Amanda Sanchioni

In case you need to know how to explain a news feed to someone:


One thought on “Amanda’s Feed map

  1. The term feed is completely referred to in a different way than what an 80 year old were to think. Nowadays feeds are used on each social media website as a stream of thoughts and actions that the poster is doing. Feeds are a constant update of the people you choose to follow. This feed then allows you as the viewer to look at the news that your friend is posting. However, in real time feed means to add something into your body. In a way feeding is like a news feeding because you are constantly adding content, just as you are adding food.

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