Ian and Carolyn’s Idea Map



The word “Profile” has a literal term and moving into the digital world a more abstract term. In the real world, a profile can be really anything viewed from its side angle, for example a silhouette can be the basic shape of the profile of someone’s face. A profile is also information about a person which ties us to the digital world where people post their profiles online. A virtual profile could be a Facebook page or a blog that someone creates for themselves. On a virtual profile we allow information about ourselves to be shared with the public by posting pictures, biographies, thoughts, ideas etc. that relate to us. 

All of our ideas generated came directly from the wonderful Dictionary.com where definitions of the word profile sparked our own thoughts to make the idea map and create “profiles” of people through generous acts of kindness.  


-Ian and Carolyn 


One thought on “Ian and Carolyn’s Idea Map

  1. Very simple but strong concept with the interpretation of the word profile. Actually including silhouette images of face profiles represents a connection back to original word itself, and not how it exist online or in social media. Taking a step back towards Real Time definitions and happenings like profile provide a new insight to online terminology. The profile is the foundation of every social media site. The big three, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are driven by content user profiles put out. People search for your profile, or others profiles everyday. You are judged by your profile as it provides the first impression to a stranger. The weird thing is, it also provides a “Second” first impression to someone you previously met in Real Time. If this person sends you a friend request on Facebook, it means they have searched for you and viewed how you present yourself online. This can be totally different on how you act in person or it could serve as an extension of yourself. People create profiles that are not themselves. Parody accounts and famous photo accounts on pack Twitter and Instagram. There is a judgment you pass on these profiles that are run by a completely different person. Online the profile serves as a base and quick glimpse into what you are about, and how you want to present that to the internet.

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