SHARE Word Map

Josh Gluck 

Here’s my visual map for the word “share.” On top are the virtual connotations of the word, dealing with social media and file sharing.  The bottom deals with real world sharing, like sharing your belongings or responsibilities. The words are connected across the center to show that there are many connections between each half. I though the most interesting difference was that in real life, you share something that belongs to you, while online you share something you find. Otherwise sharing is pretty similar across the board.   

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I was surprised that much of the discussion about social media sharing is very suspicious of the technology. 

How the things we share online can be picked up by the media…..

How sharing photos might be negatively affecting childhood….

How we don’t always share what we probably should share….

And perhaps the most harrowing, how sharing could be turning us all into Republicans…


One thought on “SHARE Word Map

  1. First off, your word map is awesome. I suck at Photoshop, so I think this is great. It’s fun to read and look at, but is still well-organized and easy to read and understand. I agree with your comment about sharing in real time versus online, but in a way I think that what we find online, whether it be a website, a funny picture, or a funny video about cats, could be considered “ours” (not really ours, but you get what I’m saying); we discover it, and when we share it we get some type of credit for such a great discovery. In real time, we share food, clothes, homework (kidding), and in virtual time we share websites or pictures, but also more intangible things, such as thoughts or ideas, which we also could share in real time. So, in the end, sharing in real time versus virtual time isn’t so different after all.

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