Social Media Word Map: The Tumblr “Ask”


“Hey, can I ask you something?”
“Dude, check out the ask I just got on Tumblr!”

Which makes sense? Well both, apparently!

Tumblr, a unique microblogging platform and social networking website, managed to make the verb, “ask”, into a noun. Originally, it was meant to serve as a name for the messaging inbox on the blog itself, referred to as “the ask feature”, where people, either as users or anonymously, can send questions they had to the bloggers they were interested in learning more about. However, as time went on, it became a source for more than just questions to be sent—compliments, comments, and messages started making their way through the ask feature, not necessarily as questions. Bloggers all over the site began to refer to both the inbox and any message sent through it as just an “ask”.

If you want more information about Tumblr asks, click here. Also, here is an example of what it looks like when you are about to send an “ask” to someone!

Posted by Mary Rose Fiondella



One thought on “Social Media Word Map: The Tumblr “Ask”

  1. I thought it was a smart idea to choose the word ask since I forget that I do use it in context of Tumblr without realizing that it isn’t originally used in that way. Your mind map is also really pleasant to look at with the use of the color scheme and the layout from Tumblr. It is very well done, great job!
    Love- Alison Cousens

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