Visual Map – Carlos D.

Hey you guys its Carlos D.

The word “Deny”  is a strong word that we all are familiar with in any of our social media realms. Instagram, twitter, Facebook, etc. We have the option to just grab our finger and press a click and deny that person to coming into your world on the web. We may think they are creeps, randoms, or even why are you adding me eww. And  now a days that is taking a lot from being friends with someone on the web than in actual reality.

– Now to the Visual Map, I tried to make the map as fun as possible and also I used Bodoni because its such soft yet masculine font. It backs away from the simple meaning of “Deny” At the bottom you have all the web social terms with the blue circles/ovals. (Also funny web pictures that many of you have seen) and at the top of the Map you have the actual active verb meaning and what it mean in real life. The red lines connect both web and reality. The background is of my sketches of the visual map in my sketchbook.

I don’t have a link of the word Deny as a social media verb. Still you can check out funny definitions at Urban Dictionary 


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