Don’t Feed The Trolls

Hi guys!

My map is separated into two halves: one half of the image contains words and phrases associated with the traditional sense of the word “troll” (as in original Scandinavian folklore) and the other half is words and phrases associated with what we are familiar with as the “internet troll.”

The pink boxes and lines connect important traits that both types of trolls share. Both are mean, and both can get pretty ugly!

For further amusement on internet trolls:



internet troll




2 thoughts on “Don’t Feed The Trolls

  1. I love that you chose the word ‘troll’ as it is not one of the more common words regarding social media. It’s comical, and you really emphasized that with the hilarious picture of a troll on the center of your map. I also found it interesting that you explained the meaning of that word in Scandinavian Folklore, which has a completely different meaning than what one would think of in our society, which has a negative connotation. I think that many people will be able to relate to your term, considering that the internet has allowed us to have these troll-like tendencies, it gives us the tools to snoop and look up whatever we want about whoever we ant. The anonymous aspect of it is interesting, and definitely says a lot about what the internet has turned us into today. It allows us to hide behind a computer screen, and not in a good way!

  2. I love that you went ahead a compared real troll to internet trolls. Its always interesting to know the origins of one word and then compare it to the meaning it holds today. And I especially love the quote in the top left corner, which I feel can also be applied to internet trolls as well. I wonder how the term internet troll even began. Who was the one that decided that their internet griefing was going to be named after a fantasy species?

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