Follow this post because it’s the “cool” thing to do.


Following seems to be a term that has changed since social media has come around. Instead of coming afterward, or walking behind, it now seems to mean clicking a button and being updated about someone’s life. You can follow people on just about any app now ranging from Instagram to Twitter to Pandora and more. Who really cares enough to want to know what someone’s always listening to?

In some ways, both the real time definition and also the virtual time definition share some characteristics but they definitely have their differences as well. You don’t need to get up off the couch any more to follow someone around and  “stalk” them. You can just go online and find out everything about a person: they’ll post it all for you to check out if you follow them. Some leave their profiles open to the public, while others are smarter and make them private.

Do you ever wonder if there’s someone virtually “following” you, because in today’s world it’s quite possible.

– Cody and James


One thought on “Follow this post because it’s the “cool” thing to do.

  1. It is rather creepy how the definition of “follow” has changed so dramatically, isn’t it? It’s definition has changed from something quite scary and threatening to something so casual and actually encouraged. I see so many twitter posts stating “Follow for follow<3" or something along those lines—people WANT to be followed. They want to be paid attention to and they measure their popularity and happiness based on how many people are following them.

    It's actually a bit sad that people measure their self-worth with their internet popularity. "Followers" have become such an important part of some individuals lives that they dedicate most of their time posting on the inter-web to please the followers they already have, and to ultimately please and attract other internet-dwelling beings who might enjoy the same type of stuff that they do.

    Nice word, the two meaning definitely have an opposite feel and I can't wait to listen to your podcast!

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