Hunter Kelley – Comment Visual Map

A comment. A comment is probably something you relate to social media now more than what it used to be. A comment, or commentary, is a remark, oberservation, or criticism pertaining to something. They used to suggest or infer to a new idea and provide some further thought. Comments were something that would expand thought or debate. Comments usually were followed with a gesture of respect.

They have become something very different in modern times. With the advent of social media, verbs that were once known as something else have evolved into completely new meanings. My  topic, comments, are something entirely different too. They can be anonymous or personal. They can be from a stranger or a “friend” (another social media noun). They can be welcomed or unwelcome. Comments nowadays have turned into a more disconnected and less constructive form of communication. They also seem to lack respect, and the commentator to possess a feeling of entitlement to what they have said. Where comments used to be verbal they are now through text. They are mostly vulgar these days and don’t lead to constructive thought. Comments used to be a serious form of criticism and now they are taken a lot less seriously.

What it has evolved to:

My map shows both sides of the spectrum. Commentary versus Comment. Old versus new.


2 thoughts on “Hunter Kelley – Comment Visual Map

  1. I did the same word as you, but our visual maps and the paths we took are both very different. I think it is interesting that you included ‘commentary’ and ‘commented.’ I did not even think of that and I do agree that when something is ‘commented’ online it is very disconnected and can be misread and misinterpreted easily. I also really like your background images. The words vs. the internal workings of technology show the basics of what make up an online comment and a comment in real life. The two pictures show that a lot goes into each with small parts and bits, but both aspects of a comment are so different at the same time. Your use of line to organize your visual map makes it very easy to follow and understand and read as well. I also enjoy your post because it is so true, comments have changed and developed over the years and with that the definition has been warped and now instead of comments striking up debate, and are now just destructive and mean towards other people. Good job!

  2. I would like to say that I think this is a very interesting choice for a word and that I also love the visual map you made for this word as well. Looking at the visual map you made and reading the description you wrote, I definitely agree with you and would like to say there really is a parallel between comments without digital media and comments with digital media. I feel that comments without digital media are also very insightful and can suggest new ideas too. This makes me think of editorials that I read in the newspaper where writers express their views and opinions on important areas and I love reading them. I also agree with what you are saying in how comments with digital media that are typed online make the word lose meaning and in the end not be taken seriously. I especially like how you included the word “LOL” in your visual map because I feel that there are so many comments on articles, pictures, other forms of media that just say “LOL” and reading your description and seeing your visual map, I feel sad thinking about seeing so many of these comments because I feel they lack substance of thought and insight. Great visual map and great description!

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