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Stalking or commonly referred to as “Facebook Stalking” is an integral part of today’s social media scene. I have heard this term from many people as it is casually tossed out mid-conversation. Taking a look deeper into the meaning of Stalking or to Stalk, it becomes clear there is a distinct line in what our society believes to be acceptable online and acceptable in person. Facebook Stalking has branched to every social media app and site you can think of. Accidentally favoriting a Tweet or liking someone’s Instagram picture from seven months ago happens far too often. The fear of being deep into someone’s page without them knowing is non-existent, it is the fear of getting caught.

The term has become too casual now. Comparing online stalking to real life stalking is black and white. Sure, you can look  extensively through your ex’s photo albums on Facebook, but the line is drawn when you try to do this at their house. That is criminal activity and rightly so. It is the form of presentation online which yields itself to everyone accepting the term Stalking as normal. Most things online are out for everyone to see with little security to prevent unwanted visitors to your social media pages. The Real Time meaning and interpretation of stalking is negative and criminal, while the Virtual Time application is acceptable behavior. 

Online Stalking does bring up some unwanted results.

Celebrities draw both real and virtual stalkers.

Facebook Stalking

Facebook Stalking Too


Urban Dictionary

—- Hunter French —-

2 thoughts on “Visual Map – Hunter French

  1. Stalking is becoming a common think with social media. Many people (or girls specifically) refer to stalking these days as “the thirst.” Usually guys that comment or like a girls content to an excessive level. “The Thirst” is the most common form of internet stalking I have seen these days. Usually on Instagram or Facebook but not limited to. While being creepy and generally weird, I feel like “the thirst” is only growing because of the way girls are responding to it. The photos that girls are posting these days on social media is only attracting more of it.

  2. Stalking is such an interesting social media term. Everyone does it, and you may say you don’t do it but I’m sure you have done it with one of your friends, and even not have realized you did it on your own. Stalking doesn’t have to always be social media, reading magazines, scrolling on buzz websites like tumblr, tmz, and reddit. All promote stalking and visual pleasure to the eye and brain to see something that you know nothing about. Its not just a girl thing, guys do it to we all have that in our genes to look at something that is not ours. Stalking will continue to grow because we constantly want too see what people are doing with their lives. That is made possible by technology, new websites, hand devices, and etc. But the day that everything is public you had that choice to upload your pictures or upload personal things. That will become part of the public eye no matter woman or man we all have a choice when it comes to privacy.

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