A Breakthrough in Technology – The bookbook™

IKEA is always releasing the finest in European design. Their furniture is not only stylish but usually affordable.
Taking their knowledge in tactile and efficient design, they have branched out into more everyday items besides furniture, starting with their newest invention the bookbook™. The newest way to view their yearly catalog.This is an incredible piece of machinery that has never before been seen! It could quite possibly be the easiest, most efficient, and most robust design to grace the technologic world.

Take a look for yourself, watch the entire video below!

*disclaimer – may contain satirical elements*

– Hunter Kelley


3 thoughts on “A Breakthrough in Technology – The bookbook™

  1. First off, I love ikea! I also think this video is hilarious because it’s clearly a spin off of an Apple video. The sound effects and features pointed out are almost exact to those of an iPhone or iPad commercial we would watch on TV. Nice post!

  2. I love this video. I saw it last week and thought it was so well-done, funny and an important comment on our generation AND it honestly just looks really nice. I design the front pages for the Daily Campus Friday paper so I even put it as the Youtube of the Day last week 🙂 good pick!

  3. This advertisement is so smart and witty, and it’s such a perfect satire of our time. The speaker uses all of the right lingo from “upload” to “interface” to “password protection” but then explains them in terms of analog book reading. It’s really refreshing. Also the design of the actual catalogue looks very sleek and stylish, and the ad does sell it well. The shots of people casually paging through the book in Ikea-approved interiors really create an image of a desirable lifestyle. This is a very self-aware advertisement that just WORKS on multiple levels. Additionally, Hunter, I thought your post itself was well done! It definitely made me interested to watch the video and made me surprised when I found out the comedy of it.

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