@TateBritain launches digital poster campaign using real time data to showcase it’s art collection.

Happy Friday everyone! I was browsing for something interesting to post, and I’ll admit, I was initially attracted to this post because when I spent a month in England this summer  visited two of the Tate art museums – London and Liverpool – and I miss it so; I saw TateBritain and got super excited.


(sidebar, the Tates have a pretty sweet logo.)

However, after my initial nostalgia click, this article jumped out at me as being pretty relevant to what we were talking about with the YOLO Project, as well as how the digital is changing the way and places in which we see and are exposed to art.  Basically, the Tate Britain is installing and using screens placed on the A4 highway to and from Heathrow airport in London to showcase pieces of art from its current collections and draw in travelers and potential tourists, patrons, artists, etc.  The really cool part though is that what paintings or pieces appear on the screens are going to be based on digital data regarding traffic density and flow, time of day, flight arrivals from certain places and upcoming events and current affairs. So for example, today the Scottish referendum results were in, so maybe today/this week they would display pieces by Scottish artists or regarding Scotland, independence or revolution in some way.  Or, when a large flight from Paris comes in, they might show pieces by French artists, or what they have found French people to be interested in.


^The screens  will look something like this.

This is also probably a Photoshop mock-up, I might spy a clipping mask or two?!  #relevancetoclass

This reminds me of the YOLO Project and social media verbs and data because its a lot like how Facebook and other sites take your internet history and activity on the site itself and customize the ads and posts you end up seeing in your feed. One of the significant advantages of recent social and digital media for advertisers, because of the capability of data collection and site history, is the ability to really pinpoint what it is a target audience is interested in or wants to see, and when.  The Tate has recognized this technique to draw in visitors, and is figuring out ways to make it work for an institution like themselves, i.e. to spread awareness and interest in art, and what they as a gallery and museum have to offer.  Having been in the Heathrow Airport upon several occasions, I have an idea of how many sets of eyes will be seeing the art on these screens coming in and out of one of the biggest airports in one of the biggest cities in the world with so many international travelers – answer: too many to even begin to count.  So this is pretty genius.

That’s all for today!


Edit: forgot the link originally!


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