Will you be chipped in?


As technology advances, most people gravitate to the latest inventions and some go to great lengths to attain them such as the new iPhone 6. What if I told you that you will no longer have to go through the hassle of carrying around credit cards, IDs, or even your car keys? What if I told you that it is now impossible for somebody to steal your identity? Now, what if I told you that you can benefit from these things and more just by implanting a small chip in your body? This microchip seems to be the future for humans. You can do any simple task by having this tiny thing surgically implanted in your body. You can do anything from unlocking your car to only having to show your hand at the register in order to purchase something. What if I told you that this one chip can save your life? You can be easily tracked down if you are in a dangerous situation anywhere around the world. Now, this is where it gets complicated. Your location can now be instantly tracked by the government and potentially any hacker of this new system. Where you just went to dinner with your family, which route you take to school, where you walk your dog, and how long you have been at all of these locations will now be known by more than just yourself. I think that this microchip can be very beneficial in cases with released prisoners or sex offenders, which are examples of people who the government would like to keep track of and also who we would want our government to keep track of. But how far is too far? Is this microchip thing something we want in our future or is it an invasion of privacy? Would you get it?

Here is an article for more information.

Ana Fernandez


3 thoughts on “Will you be chipped in?

  1. Of course my initial reaction was a bit negative. How could we—being human beings in the sense that we are used to—possibly accept the notion of an all-inclusive chip implanted into our bodies like animals?
    But then again, we’ve always done surprising things. If you asked my grandma when she was my age if she ever believed water would be sold in stores, she would have laughed in your face. Water? Sold in bottles? How halarious! It’s free out of the sink! Another example: Do you remember when talking to somebody on the phone while seeing their face at the same time was something we thought of as futuristic and advanced? I remember watching Zenon as a little girl and being amazed when she talked to her friends and viewed them on a screen at the same time. Well, guess what’s around now? FaceTime, Skype, Oovoo, and all those fancy things that let us do exactly what Zenon did.
    To get to my point, I suppose I’m saying that as astonished as we may be, this “microchip” thing is going to happen whether we like it or not. And—most likely—we will become accustomed to it. And in a few decades, it will probably be a cultural norm.
    So why fight it?

  2. One day I remember my mom bringing my dog to the vet and I asked what it was for and my mom replied, that Dolly had to get a microchip injected into her so we could find her if she was lost. For the longest time I thought that one day this phenomenon would happen to people. That instead of tracking yourself, you could inject information into your brain. However, looking at this article it seems that the author had a newer, more realistic way about the subject. The author states that with this chip, you no longer have to worry about identity theft, someone stealing your car or using your credit card number. The author may seem as though this chip will take over the world with everything. For me, I actually believe it will if it were to come true. But honestly, I feel as though if this were to actually happen, majority of our society would go out of business. Think of all the companies involved. The microchip idea is really cool and interesting and all, but when you think about it, companies affiliated with your purchases wouldn’t be all for it, which would result in a mass amount of job losses. With this, our society would in a way have to rebuild itself with this new technology.

    -Evelyn Fenick

  3. This sort of technology looks like it can have so many benefits. It also looks like something straight out of some sort of book about the distant future. But I feel like this could also be used by the government to keep tabs on people. And what if criminal groups got a hold of the information in the microchips potentially stealing money or using the information to their advantage? And I personally wouldn’t want a piece of tech put under my skin. But that’s because I’m squeamish. If this were a thing that you could actually sign up for, I’d definitely spend a lot of time weighing the pros and cons.

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