Dancing Pedestrian Signal by Smart



Hey you Guys its Carlos D.

So you guys know about those small tiny cars, that can only fit two people in, yeah those are “Smart” cars branded and created by Smart  <— thats a link if you don’t know what Smart Cars are. 

So basically this articles explains what crossing a street is really, like when you see a man in red just standing there it makes you not pay attention to it. Sometimes you just see red and just stop. Sometimes you just ignore that and see if there are any cars coming by. Think about it for a quick second… what do you really do at a crossing light … Do you stare at the signals? Do you stare at the color? or do you catch a glimpse and stop?

How can we make our cities safer places? For example, with traffic light manikins who entertain waiting pedestrians. Discover our “dancing traffic light manikins”.

Well smart Designed a fun and digital way to make crossing fun and safe for city like environments. Basically what happens is that you go into a booth a large square shape, yet designed and build by Smart. You go inside and you start dancing. Digitally a camera signal sees your moves while your dancing to a song and it transfers those moves electronically, and captures it and puts it on the “pixel” screen on the signals. Pedestrians reactions are incredible and funny. It shows how technology and art can come together to create safer crossing environment, and put a smile on your face.

Below is the video please watch.

Some of my questions are … How do you think this type of designed technology can effects us as human? Why or Why not?

Do you believe by using digital effects we can save lives?

Thanks so much you guys !

Link to Article Here

Link to the Offical Website for Smart FOR a safer city


2 thoughts on “Dancing Pedestrian Signal by Smart

  1. I saw this just the other day actually and thought it was an interesting idea. I believe it would honestly be an effective strategy to keep people from causing dangerous situations when crossing the street. I know I would definitely stop and be distracted by it enough to wait. I wonder though what kind of issues would arise from its use.

  2. I think this is a fun and interactive way to bring awareness to the dangers of crossing the streets when you aren’t supposed to, especially in big cities. Like any trend, once everybody knows about it and has seen it after a while it gets old. In the beginning I think this can be impactful, but if you are someone who lives in a city and is late for work, a dancing man will not stop you from crossing the street when there is oncoming traffic. With that being said, I still think it can be effective in its beginning stages, therefore, worthwhile for Smart to keep promoting it.

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