Digital Art Raises Awareness for NFL’s Domestic Violence Scandal

If you have not heard about the Ray Rice scandal, the short story is that he is an NFL football player and a video has been released of him beating his wife aggressively that you can watch here (warning: very graphic). You can also read more about the story here.

Covergirl, a makeup company, sponsors the NFL. People have used digital media to influence Covergirl; there are images being produced that have been manipulated by Photoshop to show cheerleaders with black eyes.

This shows how digital media can really be used to send a message to the public through pop culture. These images are disturbing and hopefully help to sway Covergirl from being involved in the NFL.

To see more pictures, click here.

Seattle Seahawks

By: Molly Nichols


One thought on “Digital Art Raises Awareness for NFL’s Domestic Violence Scandal

  1. This message is displayed similar to how street artist like Banksy show their work. It centers around a current political or cultural issue and brings light to it through juxtaposition. Art like this shows the viewer the message behind the piece. It is meant to raise awareness through visual comparison. It takes what we usually see and accept and clearly changes one aspect of the image to send a message. These digital art pieces are a commentary on the NFL’s current domestic violence issue regarding Ray Rice. But the message does not apply to the whole league, which can take value away from the series. It is not meant to apply to everyone or everything, and it is not meant to be warmly accepted by every viewer. The shock value does its job to represent how wrong domestic violence is, and it should never be tolerated or covered up by a professional organization, although it does not apply to the collective league.

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