Duet by Glen Keane



For anyone wanting to become an animator, this article and video explaining Glen Keanes animation Duet is extremely important to hand drawn animators. Glen Keane was basically the rendering engine for this piece, which means if anything was timed wrong or out of place he would need to redraw the scene.  He pushed the limits of animation and made something absolutely stunning.

Here is the animation.

How did this video affect you guys? I know personally I got a bit teary eyed from how well done it is.

by: Alison Cousens


One thought on “Duet by Glen Keane

  1. I absolutely loved this animation! Glen Keanes is amazing at telling beautiful stories and I love the Disney movies. Just the rough sketching against the simple background makes it seem so easy. I know creating each sketch is incredibly tedious and I admire Glen for making it so effortless. The glow in the sketches and the wonderful transitions between each scene truly makes the story realistic. The flow and perspectives give you this timeless feeling of storytelling that Glen Keanes is so amazing at. Even if the video was just three and a half minutes, I really got to know the characters and made me feel so happy in the end! This reminds me of the movie Up from pixar where they told the story between Carl and Ellie in a few scenes about how they fell in love. Stories like these are so heartwarming and simple that there is no need for a huge production.

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