Polaroid Cube Review : A Tiny Adorable Camera

Hey Everyone it’s me James Huang!

I was looking through different news sources online for any interesting and new articles about digital media! I look through a good amount of websites using a News Feed website called Feedly. One of the news sites I regularly look at is Gizmodo. I was looking through their site recently and I found and read this article. I want to share this article with everyone and I feel it’s definitely worth giving it a read and look through!

Here is the link

In this article, the writer Jordan Kushins talks about this new camera that has come out that can take still shots and videos. While those are two basic functions for any camera, what sets this camera apart is that it is basically a little cube that the writer says you can play with, toss around, stick to different surfaces, and that it is basically a fun little device. The writer does point out that it is true that people can use smartphones to record themselves on the go too like how people would use this camera. I feel like the writer makes a good point though showing how it’s amazing that it is so small and more importantly, you can play around with it and do whatever you want with it without worrying about it breaking!

I feel like most if not all cameras can be very susceptible to damage and getting broken. I remember walking around campus with my partner Cody and Cody helped out a lot with using his camera for shooting pictures. Understandably, Cody needed to be careful with the camera because it was important to handle it with care and not some sort of equipment one can just drop and handle carelessly.

Reading this article though made me think about how nice and carefree it would be to have this kind of a camera. I still it is impressive that we are able to make technology that is so small and can still do a lot of different functions. And I understand I’ve said this before but the writer explains that you can put this camera basically anywhere, in your pocket, stick it to almost any object, and as long as you put in an memory card, you will have a lot of images you can look at.

The author does explain that this camera would be used a lot for recording yourself or other people or taking pictures on the go or just going life. I feel that digital media encompasses documenting what is going on in our lives in pictures and videos and getting to look at them and share them with other people. By doing this, we then get to interact with other people and share new ideas, comments, thoughts about different topics.

This being said, I myself would like to try use this camera and I hope we can do more projects that involve interacting with other people like we did in the YOLO project. It would be cool to be able to use this camera while being on the go and interacting with people.



2 thoughts on “Polaroid Cube Review : A Tiny Adorable Camera

  1. I really like the freedom that a camera for still or video gives you when it is at this size. It makes the possibilities of where you can use it so much bigger, which is really great. It reminds of me a GoPro because of the size and durability it has. I love having a small camera that you can easily put in your pocket and just go. For most people there smart phone now doubles as a camera for them too like you said. But I think have something that is just solely for taking pictures or videos is nice, that way you don’t have to worry about having enough space with the rest of your apps. Especially if this little thing can take pictures and videos at 720p or 1080p.

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