See how VFX studio Framestore created Guardians of the Galaxy

It’s Sara!

I’m always interested to see how VFX studios create their environments to be so realistic. Framestore needs a ton of credit creating the sets while inventing the character Rocket, a badass raccoon. The detail that goes into make 3d characters is mind blowing because they have to create every little hair to be perfect so it doesn’t look cheesy. The whole set extension was built and lit instead of using a green backdrop. I didn’t know how much detail they put into this movie but that must be expected for Marvel to go all out for its next movie.

Check out the amazing article here


2 thoughts on “See how VFX studio Framestore created Guardians of the Galaxy

  1. This is really cool and interesting! I haven’t seen this movie myself but I have heard unanimous reviews from others that this movie is awesome and it is a must-see film! I think it is really cool how the VFX Studio Framestore put so much work into designing and making these sets along with making these characters in the film look so detailed and sophisticated! I definitely agree with you too that raccoon is badass! I also think this really shows dedication to the art and craft and career. Reading this article and post, I definitely want to see this movie as soon as I can!

  2. I saw Guardians of the Galaxy late this summer, and so I can really appreciate the hard work that went into making these animated characters look realistic. The raccoon named Rocket had some especially impressive realistic qualities. The article here explains the struggle in making the character realistic enough to take seriously. This is something I can understand could be difficult, especially with this movie being a comedy. I think it’s incredible that they took the time to create every hair on his body individually, whereas other animators can sometimes create and example and then repeat that almost like a pattern. I think it’s really cool how animation requires such attention to detail, and is definitely something that is easy to dismiss in the theaters.

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