The Future of Vision

Here’s a quick look at where visual display technology is heading. Providing examples like Google Glass and the Oculus Rift, this report gives insight on how these two technologies will merge together. The argument is supported by existing technology like Cochlear Implants for hearing. The technology would simply by pass the eye and connect directly to the brain.

Beware of Cyborgs.

Check it out here.

—- Hunter French —-


3 thoughts on “The Future of Vision

  1. My first thought when seeing this was an episode of Futurama where the new “eye phone” came out and they actually had to implant the phone in their eye sockets. Though that idea is a bit offputting, this is an extremely interesting concept that I’m curious to see how it would play out if implemented into real world scenarios. I would love to test it out myself especially since it would make me feel like a cyborg as well as give me an experience like no other.

    Alison Cousens

  2. What I find most interesting about the idea of an integrated visual display is that is seems to counteract the notion that modern technology is synonymous with social media. The features of the technology suggested by the video would seem to be very antisocial, actually. I can imagine people being “lost in their head” more than ever before. This would be a real change from the patterns that seem to be happening now, where people are increasingly communicative through digital media. But if that media is in our own heads…that would totally change the course of our lives. If someone can watch Youtube just by staring at a wall, or check the weather with a roll of their eyes, suddenly everything changes. Social media would, I imagine, play a supporting role to the new world that you can explore in your own head 24/7. Would we be sharing information through connections between our internal devices? Can social media work through, say, a new “digital telepathy?” This would totally eliminate all need for “devices” because the connection is in your head. I think we have all assumed that phones will keep getting smarter and our digital lives will continue to take over reality…but this video presents an unexamined alternative, I think: a future of digital consciousness, rather than digital connectivity.

    Josh Gluck

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