We Are All Cyborgs

Would you believe me if I told you that you were a cyborg?

I didn’t believe it either until I heard Amber Case’s argument. All of the technology we experience is just an extension of our mental selves. Just as things like hammers and ladders are an extension of our physical selves, our phones and tablets are extensions of our mental selves. We are mentally transporting ourselves through a magical wormhole in which we call the digital universe.

Is it strange to you that we have second selves? Does it bother you to the extent we go to maintain our digital selves?

This Ted Talk is definitely worth 8 minutes of your time! Let me know what your thoughts are.

—Kellie 🙂


3 thoughts on “We Are All Cyborgs

  1. Hey it’s Ian
    First of all Id like to say this is very refreshing to hear a point of view on this subject that is not just a 2 page complaint shitting on contemporary society’s dependence on technology.

    I think the idea of biomechanical integration in general is fascinating, both conceptually and in a physical sense (at some points fantasy as well).
    It is time we stop demonizing technology because talk less face to face or have shorter attention spans. This is not technology’s fault. These issues arise from our own crippling apathy or stupidity (or a little column A little column B).

    Anyways I find this article very interesting especially her argument on the comparison of technology and wormholes. And I do agree with the rationale behind this. I think this way of thinking and cognizance of the technological and biological marriage of our existance that is taking place is very advantageous.

  2. Done! Sorry!! 🙂 Thanks for your comment Ian… you see it so different than most. I love the enthusiasm you show about embracing it!

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