I found this extremely helpful video that gives quick tips to improve your drawing skills.  The video is only 2 minutes so I strongly suggest you watch it. Even if you know these tricks its a great reminder as well as great encouragement seeing the beginning picture turn into such a fantastic piece.

Did you find this video as helpful or inspiring as I did?


Alison Cousens


One thought on “DRAW BETTER!

  1. This is a wonderful way to encourage beginners as well as experienced artists. By showing that art takes more than just drawing from imagination is an extremely important point in pushing creative development. Sure, basic shapes and perspective may seem both too boring to deal with or too complex to understand, but this video illustrates the significance of incorporating those things to make a more dynamic piece. Personally, as an illustration major, the content in this video also pertains to my interests in concept art and graphic novels—achieving compositions that are full of action are often what characterize those fields of work. Even I sometimes struggle to push myself just that bit farther, meaning to take a step back and truly understand that underlying forms are what make the renderings all the more powerful. It’s like my illustration professor says: you can’t bake a horribly tasting cake and expect that putting on some frosting is going to change the fact that it’s still a bad cake! The sketch that comes before all of the rendering is like the foundation of a house. If it’s not making enough sense, your finished piece will have a lot of gaps, and it’ll fall apart.

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