Animating with Houdini

The Media Lab at the Metropolitan Museum of Art has been experimenting with all aspects of low-cost 3-D scanning and printing technology. There are apps available to anyone with a smart phone, such as Autodesk’s 123D Catch, that allow the user to import a 3-D model of an object. Apps like this combine a series of pictures the user takes from different angles to render a 3-D form that can be imported for printing.

Riu Hu took this scanning technology a step further. With the help of 3-D animation software, Houdini, he was able to create fluid and dynamic animations of sculptures in a gallery space and against a solid black background. He explains one huge benefit of the Houdini program is the original 3-D model is not permanently altered when an effect is added. It just adds a new instruction, similar to a layer.

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 9.32.17 PM

Some awesome animation and rendering was achieved through this program.

Check out the full article with videos here.

—- Hunter French —-


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