The Photoshop Effect


There is no denying that photoshop has been a boon for designers and photographers all over the globe.However, there’s been a lot of discussion lately about the damaging effects of photoshop. The Fashion and the beauty industry has been using photoshop to give people supermodel looks and this intern affects the way we perceive beauty. This time lapse video shows how unrealistic our expectations of beauty have become in our society.

Have you guys ever felt the pressure of our unrealistic beauty standards?

By: Akshita Kanthala

4 thoughts on “The Photoshop Effect

  1. All beauty magazines are flaunting to women how to be prettier, skinnier, and sexier. Yet, they use photoshopped women who aren’t even real anymore. Once they start clicking away it no longer is a real women, it’s an altered fake. I think the sexiest thing about a woman is her natural beauty. We are taught at a young age that we should care about our looks. Magazines set standards for girls beginning at an extremely young age. This photoshopped image of this girl, shows how truly shocking the standards are in the magazine and fashion industry. Instead of promoting an anorexic girl, the magazine should have just kept the original girl to show the world that everyone is beautiful. If magazine used everyday non photoshopped models, everyone’s self image would be increased and people wouldn’t feel as pressured.

  2. I had to do a self portrait project for my photo class, and my professor noted that I had very few pictures of myself and commented that so many young women are being taught such a bad body image, and being made to compare themselves to images such as these that aren’t even real. I liked how this video showed the Photoshop transformation being done, as evil a process as it is. This video showed how Photoshop can be a double-edged sword; it can create amazing digital media, like turkeys flying through space, or it can create an unachievable standard of perfection for women and young girls. What magazines and the fashion world should be promoting is healthy women that flaunt what they’ve got in any size. (on a side note, I love Kate Upton, and the fact that some critics have called her fat and ripped her apart is appalling. Just because she’s got some curves doesn’t mean she’s not beautiful, because I think she’s absolutely gorgeous.)

  3. I understand the negative connotations associated with the extreme photoshopping of women for advertising and marketing purposes. I understand that it might give women an “unrealistic” view of what their body should look like. My question is, why are we comparing ourselves? Young girls might not understand that the beauty they see is fake, so why don’t we just tell them? I used to feel self-conscious when I saw the models in magazines, but then I grew up. I actually admire the artist who was able to manipulate this woman—he was able to turn an average girl into a barbie doll with some quick tricks and tools. If we all just view magazines positively, as art, instead of negatively, as a terrible social issue, than women can continue to smile and admire without feeling self conscious about their natural, un-altered bodies. Men might have high expectations for women because of these altered images, but that just makes them ignorant. Real men know real bodies from fake ones—I think. (:

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