Game that changes based on your fears.

There’s a new game coming out called Nevermind.

Now whats special about this game is that instead of being the same for everyone everwhere the game will change itself based on the actions of the player, and their reactions to certain scary situations. Then it will change itself to be scarier to the player based on their fears.

here’s the official site: !!!!!

and here’s an article about it: :U

-Olivia G


One thought on “Game that changes based on your fears.

  1. It’s Ian.
    I just wanted to say I love the idea for this. Its awesome. I love horror movies, games anything and this is where progress can be made. With the game having an awareness about the player we can be one step closer to the fantasy virtual reality stuff we only dream of in movies.
    I really hope this kickstarted gets funded. It almost seems unbeleivable when reading their mission statement but I honestly think this is one of the coolest and most innovative ideas in contemporary entertainment. Obviously because this is such new territory I do expect this game and the biofeedback aspects to be a little clunky ( including the Oculus). But the fact that this area is even being tread is a great sign, especially in time when it seemed that the entertainment industry was hitting a plateau.
    Anyways , really excited about this, can’t wait to hear more, I will definitely be buying this game.

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