It’s all about that Instagram app.

After reading through this article and looking at some of the examples shown, it’s really quite interesting how much social media can do for an artist. I had always thought that social media was just a place where teenagers get lost in, sending snap-chats back and forth, posting tweets about drama and what not, but this article made me realize that it can be used for much more than that. Artists and advertisers everywhere are using InstaGram, Twitter, and much more to attract attention to their work or product.

SM Logo collage

This makes me want to start new profiles to post strictly my artwork, photos, etc… because if it has the possibility of expanding my audience, well, that sounds pretty awesome. And after all, your following is usually your customer base as well. So becoming well know through social media apps could in this day and age, be the key to becoming a successful artist.

-Cody Oliver.



One thought on “It’s all about that Instagram app.

  1. There is always that someone that will say that Digital art can sometimes distract away from what really art is. This article showed to prove that digital art can still be “imaginable.” Social media platforms have a huge impact on how your promote yourself as person, artist,designer,illustrator, and even a sculpture major. I feel like digitally is continuing to grow and grow everyday. In the article he mentions “The images are wonderful examples of how technology can inspire and facilitate art in digital form.” He reflects to the images that are juxtaposed and used to recreate past images which is so interesting and outgoing to do. Taking tools like a simple iPhone and using images to create pieces that can be altered to recreate something different. Maybe that someone one day will believe in the power of something digital and maybe not. But its good to have a balance of both digital social platforms and just social.

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