Kellie Pcolar GIF: Pfeiffer + Fei

My original conversation went something like this:

Fei: I single-handedly conceived, designed and built a virtual city.

Pfeiffer: Well, I built a scary miniature house and created the illusion that it was life-sized.

Fei: But in my city, people don’t only survive—they thrive in the structure and become who they wish.

Pfeiffer: At least I make people pay attention to reality as opposed to distracting them from it.


This made-up conversation really got me thinking about the different ways the two artists dealt with reality. Pfeiffer focuses on making people pay more attention to actual reality than they normally would. Fei, on the other hand, encourages people to become who they have always wanted to be within a second reality. Which is better? I don’t believe there is a better or worse.

Here is the GIF I came up with:



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