Albert the Squirrel animation

Hey it’s Sara again bringing another awesome blog post,

I found this brilliant animation by Eoin Duffy and narrated by George Takei! It may start out simple but it definitely escalates quickly into a philosophical kind of story. Enjoy!

check out article: here


4 thoughts on “Albert the Squirrel animation

  1. I really enjoyed this animation. I thought it was really well done. I liked the animated characters that they created. They used color really well in this video because it really draws you in and captures your eye. I liked how they put in little life lessons so that theres actually a story behind it. It kind of surprised me how the video progressed. I think that the frames are very visually pleasing. The colors aren’t too much or too busy for the frames. I like how it remains optimistic and says how death means life and how its a continuation of the universe.

    By Evelyn Fenick

  2. This is a great share! For one I just loved the storyline – the unexpected plot twist of the ending/second half of the story, as well as the subtly dark humor that made you actually think a bit too. I also agree that the animation has great color and is very visually appealing, the characters are very cute, and this works to draw you into the work initially! Another aspect I liked was the difference in style from the squirrel and the other characters/world around him; while he was opaque and three-dimensional in appearance (he almost mimicked origami in his aesthetic I thought), the owl, fox, bear were more 2D and line based, as well as more colorful and transparent. I also enjoyed the style of the trees that depicted the forest and their transparency and motion through the different frames. Very cool vid!

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