Animation that is on point

Thought this was an awesome animation. The idea behind it is really cute and visually pleasing. I enjoyed how it was made out of sketches and I liked how the artist really made their storyboard come alive. I also thought that the color  choices were really intelligently used; the colors weren’t overdone.

What do you think about it? Like ???


Evelyn Fenick


2 thoughts on “Animation that is on point

  1. Evelyn, I also am really enjoying how luminous this sketch is and visually ascetic. The characters immediately reminding me of Disney, James and the Giant Peach, and the Nightmare Before Christmas (I’m not sure why, that’s just what I got from it.) I’m also drawn to how gestural these characters are because it reminds me of the beginning process of a figure drawing and I love figure drawing. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I actually posted about this video as well and I absolutely adore it. I have a link to an article on how it was created and the process Glen Keane went through basically reinventing animation. He had to draw 60 frames per second versus the usual 24fps in hand drawn animation and the technology that was created for just this short film was phenominal. Here’s a link for more info on the animation process if you’re really interested!
    I’m just really invested and excited about great animation.

    Alison Cousens

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