A few suggestions for the Digital Media Artists

Hey everyone, its Ian.

I thought id switch it up and post the site of an artist who has made a huge difference in my artistic career.

Iwei Huang. Is a multi media artistic genius.

Here are a few of his pieces

Steam_Centipede This is his steampowered “centipede” he created.

Swashbotthis is his Radio controlled robot called the “swashbot”

Chopper8 This is “chopper” an adorable character from the Skylanders franchise.

Iwei Heads the art department of the Skylander game series and creates all the characters and toys for the series.

(If anyone remembers Spyro the badass purple dragon from the Playstation game series, Skylanders is a “spin off” series based off of that world)

Here is a link to Iwei’s site

Click Here! 😀

I suggest checking out the awesome youtube videos he posts, they are insanely interesting and one in particular gives his personal reviews of the range of digital art equipment he uses.

This is the video

if any digital artists are interested.

Hope you all enjoy

What do you guys think of his work?

What tools do you guys use in your digital artwork?


2 thoughts on “A few suggestions for the Digital Media Artists

  1. Holy mackerel! That’s all I was thinking looking at this guy’s work. Not only has Iwei Huang conceptualized unique and complicated creatures, he has managed to bring them to life as more than just models. I can’t even imagine the engineering that had to go into each one of these designs—the centipede is incredible! The fact that it gives off real steam and can crawl on its own is truly amazing. His portfolio shows that mechanics, as well as science and mathematics, don’t have to always be separated from art as many people assume. It’s extremely exciting that he has managed to bridge those approaches together in such a direct way. As someone who works mostly with traditional art and with a tablet for painting digitally sometimes, I can only say I’ve barely dipped a toe into the sea of thought that must be required to achieve successful use of this kind of equipment. Very cool post!

    —Mary Rose Fiondella

  2. That steam centipede is ridiculous. He did such a good job with that. I love when creativity and functionality can come together in one
    package. It not only looks great, but when it actually works the motion of the legs is just stellar.

    The fact that is also is radio controlled, meaning it doesn’t just go in a straight line and you can control it, is amazing.
    I kinda want one now!

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