Super Art Fight!

When I was attending ConnectiCon 2010, I stumbled into a panel room that would change my perception of competitive sports entirely: Super Art Fight. It’s not your typical contest—it’s a battle of wit, skill, creativity, humor… all spilled onto an enormous piece of paper. I was forced to sit down and watch the insanity play out, with how entertaining it was.


If you don’t know what Super Art Fight is, it’s a live competition between two teams of artists, battling to create the most interesting, hilarious, crowd-winning filled canvas, themed by the prompts selected by something called the “Wheel Of Death”. The wheel has a bunch of words or phrases on it, all of which the artists on both teams need to interpret and sketch out. And a lot of the time, it ends with crazy results.

Here’s an example of what goes down:

To find out more about where they’re touring, as well as more information on the competition itself, visit their website here.

Posted by Mary Rose Fiondella


One thought on “Super Art Fight!

  1. The Illustration club did this last week between two teams and it is a definitely a challenge of the imagination to come up with ideas for a subject. For instance, we had the subject, “America vs. the world” or “mobsters and lobsters”. It’s a great way for team work and just having fun creating hilarious ideas of storytelling. It’s as if art has finally become a sport where it’s a competition for who creates the most epic drawings. I feel like art has had a hard time connecting with people that don’t understand it and this challenge shows them how hard it is to come up with ideas (while drawing) in a limited period of time. Also, the imagination is at work here where your ideas start to connect along with your drawings to a point where it creates the story and it makes sense. Humor has a huge role in this challenge for whoever comes up with something that entertains the audience, that forms art into something new. I recommend anyone trying this with a group of people because it is a great way to exercise your mind to work with concepts.

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