Who is #dangerdust?

Hello all,


Hope you had a great weekend and a nice lazy Sunday, like I am so far.


Today while on one of my favorite sites (HelloGiggles) I stumbled across an article on an awesome artist duo, and here are 10 reasons why they are so cool:


1) They go by Dangerdust.

2)  This is because they want to remain anonymous – inspired by artists like Banksy.

3) And it makes sense because they do their work under the cover of night in empty classrooms – hence the “danger” part

4) The “dust” part comes from the fact that their work looks like this –




5) but’s all done with chalk.  (say whaaaaa, right?!)

6) They are students,  just like us! (At Columbus College of Art & Design)

7)  These works help them to stay inspired, in practice, and creatively, for their classwork, and for fun/awesomeness.

8) They include inspiring quotes from amazing people, whose artistic/personal styles they try to emulate.

9) They are awesome at typography.

10) They are taking advantage of digital media – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and now online stores like Etsy – to share their work.


Here are some more examples of their pieces that  I really like:


(sources: https://twitter.com/ddccad/mediahttp://hellogiggles.com/dangerdusthttp://www.ccad.edu/blog/2013/12/who-is-dangerdust-an-exclusive/)


To see even more, click the links above in 10.  I was just blown away this is all done with chalk – and I love the way the medium is unexpected considering how graphic and type-based their style is.


How about you – impressed? Do you think its productive to be an anonymous artist? Which piece is your favorite?


checking out til Tuesday,

Katie L


One thought on “Who is #dangerdust?

  1. Katie—
    This is so sick. I think anonymous organizations and groups (whether its an anonymous artist, computer hacker, or anonymous people who participate in random acts of kindness) are really awesome. The reason that staying anonymous is so awesome is because it means you are willingly doing something without taking credit for it. That takes character! These artists who use chalk to design inspiring works are clearly well-trained artists. As well-trained artists, I’m sure they are proud of their work. It must be really hard for the artist to keep their identity a secret—especially because of the amount of awe these pieces receive from their audiences. If I was an anonymous artist who created something so wonderful that people were talking about it and posting it on social media, it would be extremely hard for me to resist taking credit for it. One of the biggest challenges for aspiring artists is getting your name out into the world. Remaining anonymous in your work is so incredibly humble—especially when your craft is nearly perfect and your designs are beautifully drawn. I don’t know how they do it!

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