Land of the Fraud

While a young woman was awaiting trial for being a bit player in a drug ring, a DEA agent took her phone, made a fake Facebook profile under her name, and posted photos from the phone he took onto the fake Facebook account, including racy photos, as well as photos with her young niece and son. The DEA agent, Timothy Sinnigen, used this profile, without the woman’s knowledge. Facebook took the page down when it learned that the officer was impersonating a young woman to lure possible fugitives, because it goes against its community standards, and, in my opinion, is grossly immoral and disturbing that someone appointed to protect this country would do such a thing. It’s no wonder why a large percentage of people, including myself, feel afraid or intimated when I see police, as opposed to protected; the government ended up protecting the DEA officer, saying he had a “right” to do what he did, which is absolutely disgusting.

The obvious legal issues in this range from fraud to defamation to invasion of privacy. This case also raises the issue of the fact that law enforcement officers will often go undercover, and assume a fake identity; however in this case, the identity used was that of a real person, and more importantly used without her consent.

by Amanda Sanchioni original article written by BuzzFeed staff writer Chris Hamby


One thought on “Land of the Fraud

  1. This is a crazy world we live in now a days and it’s hard to know what is right or wrong. I personally agree with you and think that is outrageous the way he used her identity without her knowledge or consent of it. But than people have the argument that the officer was trying to catch criminals, but when is it too far? I think it is too far when peoples rights and freedoms get infringed on, there was no guarantee that by doing so he would catch anyone else. Therefore there should be no reason for him to abuse his power and abuse her rights.

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