Nike Archives Redesigned

Posted on the AIGA site, for the “Justified” design competition, design firm Second Story’s redesign of the Nike Department of Archives or Nike DNA, stands out. They presented the material in a clear and visually interesting way, showcasing Nike’s history as a company.

This article explains the flexible content management system created by Second Story for DNA staff to keep the website updated with current stories, and visually engaging imagery. It leads to intrigue, and becoming happily lost in Nike’s heritage.

“A powerful, flexible content management system makes this an ideal digital publishing platform for DNA staff to keep stories fresh and deepen the company’s legacy.”

The brief, research, solution and critique of Second Story’s redesign is all included, as well as a video to how the site functions.

Check it out here.

—- Hunter French —-


One thought on “Nike Archives Redesigned

  1. Joshua Gluck
    You have to appreciate a nicely designed archive. We live in a world with too many utilitarian Wikipedia pages, and it’s about time we should be able to find information through more aesthetic means. This site looks like a perfect design for a brand as iconic as Nike. It’s one of the few brands who are simultaneously classic and contemporary, with both a past and a future. I was interested to see how the contest winner was able to use the Nike designs themselves as the defining weight of the layout. Many of the photo archives image-heavy and collaged, but feel modern and considered. Overall I am impressed by this post and interested to see more of the site.

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