Understanding Joshua

Hey everyone it’s Ian,

So I know we all love Charlie Whites’ insane artwork. (OH Georgia you’re so popularrrrrrrrrrrr)

Anyways, I know during one of the presentations we got a small glimpse of a creepy piece titled “Understanding Joshua”

I’ve found and attached a link here showing the full series of the piece and a brief but interesting explanation of the work.

White attempted to show “human frailty through a fictional character” creating the puppet dubbed “Joshua” and putting him in what are normally high stress or awkward situations. I’ll let you guys check it out and form your own opinions but I happen to think that this series is great. Its truly jarring at first, ( the shower scene in inparticular) but it allows a lot of introspection.

What do you guys think?

also THIS again because I love it so much



2 thoughts on “Understanding Joshua

  1. I also checked this series out after we saw the glimpse of it, because I thought it was weird as hell, but I didn’t realize what it was about at first (aka human frailty). After looking through the series for a second time keeping that in mind, first I think Charlie White is one weird dude (but who didn’t think that). Second, I wonder why he felt the need to create such a strange character, visually speaking, because one can be frail without looking like Joshua, no offense to him. As creeped out by this series as I am, I also see the human spirit in it (except the shower scene, I have no idea what that was about). We’ve all felt like Joshua, whether it be at a party, or some other social situation where we’re trying (and failing) to not be awkward, so we can all relate to it. Unless we’re Georgia, cause she’s so pretty and popular and so NOT like Joshua.

  2. After reading your post and looking through the full set of photos, it’s quite interesting to see what this series is really about. While some of the photos, especially the shower scene, are almost disturbing, it’s easy to see what the artist was trying to get at. I believe that by making Joshua so different from normal human perspective, it’s easier to relate to some of the situations. If he was shown as more “humanesque” some people probably wouldn’t see themselves in his place thinking that it’s just somebody else and he could be easily mistaken as the wrong character in the scene. So I think that Charlie White was right in creating Joshua to be quite abstract.

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