Building turned into the world’s biggest game of Mastermind

Hey everyone it’s me James Huang!

I was looking through news about digital media on CNET and I found this article here by Michelle Starr of CNET:

It turns out there is a building in Sweden that a sound artist named Håkan Lidbo and a group of students from the Royal School of Technology have worked together to turn into a playable version of the board game Mastermind.

Lidbo and group of students worked together to turn the windows of this building, called the Nod Building, into the game by using a bunch of Philips Hue color-changing LED bulbs as the colored pegs.

Now, every night, starting from 6 PM and going to 6 AM, the building is a game board with a camera nearby that streams the game live on a website called Play the House.

Lidbo explains that the concept of turning a building into a board game seems difficult at first but in reality is actually not that difficult and that architects all over the world should learn about doing this as well. He also explains that while the process is not as difficult as it seems, it is definitely more difficult than simply putting animated lights on a building which many people can see in cities and popular areas such as Times Square.

Adding on to that, he also explains that more and more buildings can be added on to become board games.

Essentially, anyone can access this game. As long as you have a web connection or mobile phone, you can simply go onto the Play the House website and it will walk you through the process.

The video here from the link shows you.

I personally feel that this is really interesting because I have always been fascinated with working with buildings and structures and turning them into a form of digital media. I remember how awed I was when I was in Times Square for the first time and I saw so many buildings around me that showed animated lights for advertisements, etc. I feel like what Lidbo and his team did here turning a building into a board game is taking digital media to the next level. I feel like it is really interesting to be able to make buildings more interactive and I am also very intrigued in games and game design. I am taking a class right now about Game Design and I definitely want to share this with my professor for that class as well along with my classmates from that class too! Reading this article, I also see that there are links to other articles about other experiments in the past where buildings were turned into board games such as MIT students turning a building into a Tetris game.

I think this news also catches many people’s attention and that this is definitely an experiment more and more groups of architects, artists, etc. will embark on. I would love to be a part of a project like this and I hope other people would like to be a part of this too! I am actually thinking there is a building in Hartford with glass windows covering all sides of the building so it would be really cool if a group hopefully made at UCONN can work with others and try create a board game out of the windows! All in all, I think this would be really cool and I think this shows an advancement of digital media. I think this shows how digital media becomes a stronger influence over our lives and will continue to grow stronger. I also feel it’s great these artists are doing work like this and I really do hope to be see more buildings turned into games in the future. I think this can also really bring people together too. I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback about this?


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