Motorola’s Newest Ear Piece

By Louise Astorino

I was scrolling through and found this really cool article about a new Bluetooth ear piece that Motorola is releasing.  Click HERE to read more about this new product, with more images and information as well.

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 11.13.21 PMThis ting is obviously extremely small.  I thought it was hilarious that Gizmodo touched upon the idea that there is a negative stigma attached to wearing a bluetooth headset.  We all know that when we see someone wearing one of those, blabbing into nothingness, they look a little pretentious and sometimes ridiculous.  Motorola has solved this issue (maybe not the ridiculous part), by making their bluetooth headset almost invisible, or easily mistaken as a hearing aide.

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 11.13.51 PM

What’s cool is that this device does not just serve one purpose, apparently it has a bunch of other cool functions that are mentioned in that article.  It’s really interesting how as technology gets smarter, our devices become smaller.  Maybe in a few years a bluetooth headset will be completely invisible to the naked eye!

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One thought on “Motorola’s Newest Ear Piece

  1. I think this is a really cool piece of equipment! When I read this article, I thought of the article I posted a while back about the small camera that people can take on the go and can conveniently hold onto or put into small pockets and can be used through a variety of activities and withstand activities that could damage much bigger and more expensive and fragile cameras. I agree with you that it is definitely interesting how as technology becomes more and more advanced, technological devices also can become smaller and smaller. While I am intrigued by this, a thought that worries me is that if devices become too small or extremely small, then these devices will be much more susceptible to losing them or misplacing them. Also, in regards to this bluetooth device, I am definitely excited about the many functions it has but at the same time, I think we should also be aware of the possible complications such as having a hard time adjusting the device in one’s ear, comfort wearing the device, and having a hard time speaking into and listening from the device to the extent that one could be yelling “WHAT ARE YOU SAYING??” and people will look around as though one is crazy as the author said. So, I think this shows how as technology does become more and more advanced, there will always be pros such as the many functions this bluetooth device and also cons as the author pointed out. I feel that is good too though. While cons are bad, they help us always understand how we can do better and create more and more advanced technology whereas if it was just all pros, we wouldn’t feel as much as a need to improve technology. Thus, this being said, I do feel this is an interesting device and I would like to try it sometime like the small camera but would also caution as well in the future about drawing a line for how small devices can be and ways to make technology better and making digital media more and more sophisticated and making the world of digital media grow bigger and bigger as time goes on.

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